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24.12.2018 World

She's perhaps best known for her role as the Orbit Gum Girl in the brand's “Dirty Mouth?” campaign, advertising gum with a bit of quirkiness and. The Orbit Gum Girl, first played by Vanessa Branch and now Farris Patton, is a characterized spokesperson for the gum, Orbit. Interestingly. There has been more than one Orbit Gum Girl over the years, but the one currently holding the position is the one we're talking about today.

Orbit is a brand of sugarless chewing gum from the Wrigley Company. In the United States, The US advertising campaign for Orbit centered on the Orbit Girl, a British character who always showed up to "dirty" and awkward situations wearing. Vanessa Branch -- the chick from the Orbit gum commercials -- showed off a different side (and front and back) than we're used to seeing by. Young children and teenagers often spot her as the Orbit Girl, and she hands out packs of gum to anyone who recognizes her—although.

Gum Gives You Confidence at Times of Crisis in Orbit's Latest Spots a girl in the middle of bank robbery, having swiped some Orbit from his. The Orbit Girl (played by Vanessa Branch and Farris Patton) is a British woman who finds herself in dirty situations, like off-road safaris, but. The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show Lady Godiva. () Bachelorette / Cheerleader / Hannah Burke / Lotto girl. () Orbit Gum Girl. Vanessa Branch, also known as the “Orbit Gum Girl” is the persona in commercials representing the sponsor, Orbit. In the role of a shiny and. At Walgreens this week, packs of Orbit gum are on sale, two for $ Stack a $/2 newspaper coupon with a $/2 store coupon from the.

(In a tweak that only hard-core ad watchers might notice, the brand has sidelined the "Orbit Girl" character who has long appeared in ads.). Energy BBDO has done some of its best work for Orbit, which for 11 years has used the Orbit girl as the spokeswoman who appears at the end. Orbit Gum Lady. 92 likes. Our mission is to be awesome. Orbit Gum Girl wearing see-through dress I love when a girl's meat muffin hangs below their skirt. Then she could clean it up with a piece of gum.

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